Locally Owned and operated

County Line Brewing LLC is owned and operated by Laura and Zack Kiehl. Laura has a BA in Sociology and works part time as the real person in charge at County Line. Laura loves beer. Unbeknownst to Zack, Laura is secretly a marketing genius and makes up for Zack's introverted personality.

Laura bought Zack a homebrewing kit in 2012, and it sat in a box for months because it seemed kind of complicated. Zack needed a hands on teacher and when some guys from church mentioned homebrewing, Zack jumped at the chance to have them show him how. The first couple of brews were drinkable but less than impressive, so Zack started studying. Since then we have been formulating our own recipes and quenching the thirst of our friends and family.

Zack has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Boise State. Zack assists with sales and is also the delivery guy for County Line. Oh and Zack loves beer and Laura.

Chris came on board in November of 2015. Chris and his girlfriend, Kristl, moved to the area in 2015 with their famous four legged friend, Barley. Chris is now in charge of social media, giving Zack a hard time and brewing delicious beer.  

Tyler handles outside sales. You'll often find Tyler around town always trying to make sure our beers stay in a location convenient to you.

Ryan is the newest member to the County Line staff. You'll find him behind the bar slinging beers and filling bowls of popcorn made just for you.